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I’m Manon Van der Borght, a 30-yo art director and type enthusiast based in Paris, France. I studied Graphic design through a high school diploma and a advanced degree at the Cité Scolaire Raymond Loewy in visual communication, I also got a Graphic Design Bachelor in editorial design at the Lycée Charles de Gaule in Chaumont.

Throughout my career, I have participated to many beautiful projects form datavisualisation at 10h11, to visual identity, to web design and emailing at Notify. I was art director at La Netscouade from 2017 to 2022. I am currently Art Director at Bomerang Agency since 2022.

I’ve been working for mostly corporate and institutional clients, for which I conceive all their communication on social medias, from static visuals to motion design and layouts.

Theses experiences have made me a versatile graphic designer but my design practice doesn’t end with my day job. I was involved in several open source projects and organizations. I lead workshops and also was in charge of the art direction of Le Reset, a queer inclusive hackerspace in Paris. I also used to do volonteering graphic design for the NGO La Quadrature du net.

Even though I’m not a type designer, I have a passion for typography that motivated me to create a Youtube channel and an Instagram profile dedicated to exploring and explaining the graphic design and typography world : Attention, ça glyphe ! It is in this capacity that I joined the Velvetyne Type Foundry team in 2017. I participate in the curation of the published fonts, the orientation of the collective and the organisation of workshops.

Code optimization and WordPress integration : Arnaud Gross. Typefaces : Sporting Grotesque font by Lucas Lebihan from VTF